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29 October 2015

PR-promotion of the apiary "Honey Beekeeper"

During the campaign of PR-promotion an apiary "Honey Beekeeper", throughout the autumn season Publicity Creating organized a series of training sessions for pupils, students, beginner beekeepers and anyone interested in the honey, beekeeping and unique Ukrainian  steppe breed of bees.

Beekeepers with years of experience in its industry have spent spectacular practical work. The theory was complemented by practical exercises in the experimental  beekeeping  farm.

Already the first sessions attracted interest of the participants and discussion in the social networks. Each participant received the knowledge and skills for the care of the unique insects, figured out in the preparation of bee colonies for the winter. And also each participant received the  pleasant gift – jars of honey!

In general, it should be noted that particular interest during the seminar’s audience show to topics such as the structure and stages of bee colonies, the main types of honey and honey plants, the history of beekeeping in Ukraine and modern technology of breeding bees. 

 For reference

Export of honey from Ukraine in 2014 amounted 36.3 thousand tons. In comparison to the previous year it was 14.7 thousand tons  - at 67% more than in 2013.

 The largest importers of Ukrainian honey over 2014 were Turkey - 1400 tons, Slovakia - 1800 tons, the United States - 7800 tons, Poland - 7000 tons, Germany - 11500 tones, France - 1800 tones, Spain - 1600 tons. 

 With these indicators, our country is the  first in Europe and third in the world in production of honey.

 Today Ukraine exports honey to 22 countries. It is a testament of recognition and competitiveness of our honey on the world market.




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