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9 October 2014

A Business Forum “Broken  Stone of Ukraine 2014” is a major event of this industry.

During July and August the Publicity Creating Agency was a PR-partner of the Business Forum “Broken Stone of Ukraine 2014”, providing PR support for the event.

The broken stone market is essential for the entire construction industry of Ukraine: not a single concrete plant or asphalt production plant can   work without broken stone; not a single construction project – from a private house to a large infrastructure project – can be built without it. Besides, broken stone is an important export item of the country.

Business Forum “Broken Stone of Ukraine 2014” is a major event of this industry that brought together more than 100 representatives and top figure of the domestic and foreign companies: manufacturers of broken stone and concrete, transport and trading companies, owners of the rail road rolling stock, equipment manufacturers, powdermen, providers of technologies and solutions, major consumers of broken stone, as well as governmental agencies and financial institutions.

The complex of PR instruments included the involvement of media partners, mass-media relations, particularly informing the media about the course of the Forum, arranging interviews with the lead speakers, etc.

The business program of the event comprises of the experts’ presentations, an open dialogue between business and the government, and roundtable discussions. Based on the results of the Forum it is planned to adopt a declaration-appeal of the market participants to the governmental institutions that will serve as a roadmap for addressing the issues of the industry.

The event was held with the support of the relevant ministries: the Ministry of Regional Development, the Ministry of Infrastructure, the Ministry of Natural Resources as well as the leading non-governmental organizations of the industry: the Confederation of Ukrainian Builders (CUB), Ukrainian Aggregate Producers’ Association, Federation of Employers of Miners of Ukraine, Ukrainian Lime Industry Association, the Association "Ukrtsement".

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