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News / contracts / Publicity Creating promotes the category "salmon red caviar"
4 December 2018

The agency attracted independent experts to work on the project.

Since April 2018, the Publicity Creating Company has been carrying out a comprehensive promotion of the premium segment product category - red caviar of salmon fishes. During this time, within the framework of the PR-program developed by the agency, a number of activities have been implemented aimed at informing consumers about the benefits of red caviar as a natural product rich in high-value protein, Omega-3, vitamins and minerals.

Text materials that based on an information model developed by the agency's specialists tell in an accessible and informative form about the benefits of red caviar for the health of various human organs, such as the heart and blood vessels, as well as benefits for pregnant women, children, etc.

The agency attracted independent experts, primarily physicians, to work on the project, who gave their comments and recommendations on the topic.

In addition, the materials explain such aspects as features of the extraction and production of red caviar, different types of caviar, etc.

The campaign was based on the following key message: red caviar is the most useful delicacy that brings great benefits to the human body, and to achieve the maximum effect, it should be consumed regularly - 1-2 teaspoons a day.

Thus, the stereotype that red caviar is exclusively an element of the festive table, first of all the New Year's was  destroyed gradually. At the same time, the emphasis was placed on the fact that only real and high-quality caviar of “wild” salmon is tasty and healthy.

The PR campaign began long before the New Year holidays, and takes place, in particular, on rating Internet resources (news sites, women's websites and forums, and entertainment resources), as well as in glossy magazines.

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