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10 Juny 2010

 On June, 2 in the UNIAN news agency  the  press conference by UKR.NET took place.

 On June, 2 in the UNIAN news agency  the  press conference by UKR.NET took place. During it the plans by national Internet portal UKR.NET in 2010 were announced. The market  aim of UKR.NET  is  to become a leader as a home page in Ukraine. Organizational works and all preparation of the event were done by Publicity Creating.

During the press conference, which attracted great interest from the media, the speakers responded to questions that directly related to the event topic and various aspects of the UKRNET company.

In particular, speakers said that to achieve the objectives was decided leave behind the search engines as a home page, because today 26% of Ukrainian Internet users begin to use it with search engines. 

A number of advantages of UKR.NET portal will allow it to come on position of the most popular home page in Ukraine, especially the fact that the most popular services that users search every day, UKR.NET already found and collected on  the  main page in a convenient format.

This campaign targeted to Internet users aged 21 - 49 years and office workers.

General Director of Publicity Creating Valeriy Kureiko noticed: "PR is important element in the communication program of the national Internet portal UKR.NET. This is an unique project, where national brand does classic marketing flank attack on the international brand. We understand how ambitious plans UKRNET set itself and are ready to get into diapason of it’s individual needs”.

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