News / contracts / For Publicity Creating May became productive with new agreements
10 May 2011

In May 2011 the strategy communications company Publicity Creating signed several new agreements with clients and launched several projects at once.


There were concluded two agreements with Rubin Ltd. for promoting TM ColorWay (compatible consumables). The first one deals with PR-support of “ColorWay Partners’ Tour 2011” that will be hold in six key regions of the country, with participation of famous international brands. The second agreement is a developing program aiming to promote TM ColorWay International on the markets of neighboring countries (Moldova in particular).

In May, it was completed a project on information support of NUSEP (Netherlands Ukrainian Sustainable Energy Platform) within the business forum on energy efficiency and energy saving. Thus, a press conference for the media held during this forum.

In addition, Publicity Creating began to work on promoting TM Hoval (Liechtenstein). Now this TM, a leading European manufacturer of industrial ventilation equipment, relaunches its positions on the Ukrainian market. In particular, a preparation for the seminar for projectors that is going to be held in BC “Parus” has already started up.

For TM IREN BUKUR, the first Ukrainian producer of «live» cosmetic, Publicity Creating has started to develop a concept for promoting comprehensive program for 2011/2012 years.

For now managers of Publicity Creating are negotiating with several potential clients in such areas as building and construction, pharmaceutics, law, retail, industry, banking etc.



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