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1 Juny 2010

On May 28, 2010 on the Kiev International Motor Show SIA'2010' the first Marketing Day was held. 

 On May 28, 2010 on the Kiev International Motor Show SIA'2010' the first Marketing Day was held. Organizers of the event are SIA'2010 organizing committee and strategic communications company Publicity Creating.

Topic of this event was: "Marketing-mix on the automotive market: an effective solution to increase sales in 2010.

Marketing Day was held during SIA'2010 at first time and it gathered the leading specialists in marketing communications and operators of  the Ukrainian  automotive  market. This event took place in the session of reports format.

Marketing Day program included the following questions:

"System and reflexive marketing on the automotive market”, 
Why PR may sell and why PR-agency may be targeted to sales”, 
"The car market - 2010. Problems and Perspectives", 
«Public Relations: effective instruments and new trends", 
"The possibilities of advertising communications with the turned off TV”, 
"Prospective buyers of car: consumer intentions, price expectations and the process of choosing a car”.

Experts agreed on the opinion that the main marketing line in the automobile  market is increasing sales, therefore, this issue should be a key element in creation the promotion strategy and selection tools of marketing communications. In the post-crisis period companies should allocate its own budget as optimal as it can, but don’t neglect marketing strategies, involve professional structures and use of various and efficient forms of communication.

During Marketing Day participants heard a number of research results. In addition, reports contain helpful advices, information that rely on their own experience. No doubt, that that is useful for the Marketing Day participants.

General Director of Publicity Creating Valeriy Kureiko noticed: "Marketing Day on the International Motor Show SIA'2010 was held at first time, and we hope that it will become traditional”.

It should be noted that Marketing Day is successfully held for over 5 years. Specifically, in 2010, Marketing Day took place already at the trade fairs on the building and agricultural markets. 

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