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1 December 2009

Publicity Creating Company implemented the PR-campaign, named The Green Card for Partners, for LECOND Company

Publicity Creating Company implemented the PR-campaign, named The Green Card for Partners, for LECOND Company – the official representative of Daikin Corporation (Japan) in Ukraine.

Several events for different audiences of partners - dealers and professionals (designers, architects, installers, heating engineer, etc.) - were carried out during 2009.

These events were attended by over 1000 people from all regions of Ukraine. Speakers were experts from the European Daikin headquarters, based in Belgium, as well LEACOND’s experts.

Most events were organized in the form of technical workshops and master classes, in which Ukrainian experts were informed about innovations, updates of equipment, acquainted with the manufacturer's marketing policies, as well as trends in Europe and the world's market of climate equipment.

The culmination of the PR-campaign was the Fourth Conference of Ukrainian Daikin Dealers, which took place in Turkey. This was large scale event, which hosted the conference, gala dinners and football championships, served to solidify the reputation of the Daikin’s brand, to form loyalty and team-building.

It should be noted that the Green Card for Partners campaign supported programs of LEACOND’S Educational Center.

Events were supported by 20 media partners (among them the leading specialized, as well as business and e-media). Also, Publicity Creating Company prepared more than 30 news, press releases and articles to cover these events, while more than 200 publications were posted additionally.

The CEO of Publicity Creating Company Valeriy Kureiko marked that such PR-campaigns are highly relevant during financial crisis, because they help not only in business development with already existing partners, but also to establish beneficial new partnerships.

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