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1 April 2010
Publicity Creating conducted training for the Business Travel Leisure company.

Publicity Creating conducted training for the Business Travel Leisure company.

Publicity Creating, the Company of Strategy Communications,  conducted training for  staff of the Business Travel Leisure company. The training was attended by over 25 employees.

The event based on the elements of teambuilding and creative session. The feature of this training is a significant emotional charge on the one hand, and the active formation of team skills on the other. Thus, training is compact (up to 4 hours) and intense.

Business Travel Leisure is travel agency that dynamically develops and specializes in business travel. For such clients teamwork and effective interaction of different departments is extremely important. Therefore the main goal of the training was to establish a relationship in the group of the company. The key message that was introduced by trainers was "awareness about efficiency of joint action."

This was achieved by applying three approaches, which gradually led to the result:

"Exchange of mutual understanding" - "Conflict resolution "(modeling and collective resolve of conflicts)
"Joint actions"(directly aimed at cooperation in the team).

It is important that the event had nothing to do with "boring teaching" - it was held easily with entertaining. For example, participants not only discussed and challenge in working groups, but sung, painted, played scenes. Therefore, along with practical benefit, employees also receive a portion of a good mood.


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