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27 May 2009

The fourth conference of the Ukrainian dealers DAIKIN was held on the 24th-27th May 2009 in Turkey. 

The fourth conference of the Ukrainian dealers DAIKIN was held on the 24th-27th May 2009 in Turkey. It was organized by Publicity Creating company by offer of the Daikin Europe NV headquarter and the Likond company - the official Daikin trading partner in Ukraine.

The event was devoted to results of 2008th year, strategic plans for the future and Daikin's marketing policy during financial and economic crisis.

The conference was also supported by entertaininig and sport events: the traditional DAIKIN football championship and live concerts of Ukrainian stars – pop-group Alibi, Tina Karol – and Turkish artists of the original genre (fakir-show). On the final day there was a grand final evening firework, after which guests tasted huge cake. The host of this event was Maxim Nelipa.
Publicity Creating implemented a full range of services for the development, organization and conduction of the conference. The first stage involved generation of the conception of the event: corporate identity, all scenarios for project activities, preparation of press-pack, informing participants, work with tour operators and other contractors. The second stage involved realization of the conference in Turkey.

The General Director of Publicity Creating Company - Valery Kureyko - marked that events of such format positively influence the loyalty formation of manufacturer in B2B sector.

“Conference has become the positive and consolidating element in difficult times for supporting the Daikin Company in Ukraine. References from our clients and participants about the conference, are at a high level “, - he said.


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