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News / cases / In June 2016 OptimaHouse celebrates 1 year since its opening
1 July 2016

Publicity Creating cooperate  with the project for 3 years

In June 2016,  OptimaHouse – the first  serial Energy Efficient country house in Ukraine -  celebrates 1 year since opening.    Publicity Creating cooperate  with the project "OptimaHouse" for 3 years, performing such works as  the organization of press events, preparation and distribution of press releases, project consulting, video and photo sessions.


OptimaHouse was based on European concepts: "Multi-Comfort House" and "Active House" and adapted for Ukrainian market. The uniqueness of this project are in the the following benefits to Ukrainian consumers: high energy efficiency, a relatively short construction period, the full independence from the gas supply, reasonable price.


In terms of organization of work, project is unique by  involving six partner companies, including leading European manufacturers of modern materials, equipment and integrated solutions.

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