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News / cases / The OptimaHouse project attracted a lot of public interest
25 October 2017

More than two years have passed since  opening of the OptimaHouse, the first serial energy-efficient country house in Ukraine, which was created on the basis of European concepts "Multicomfort House" and "Active House", and specifically adapted for the Ukrainian market.

Achieved energy efficiency indicators not only confirmed previous forecasts and calculations, but also surpassed expectations of the project. The OptimaHouse is a real example  how energy saving  and environmental friendliness are greatly combined not only with a high level of comfort but also with economic benefits for consumers.

In September 2017, the OptimaHouse project fell into the short list of the Active House Label Award 2017 and was recognized as the best construction. Now in Ukraine there is officially the 1st Active House - OptimaHouse.

As the architect of the project Alexander Kucheraviy noted: "I am pleased of  indicators are fully confirmed. It can be argued with certainty that the use of the Active House Radar allows you to balance 9 indicators at the design stage and is a very effective tool for creating a comfortable, energy efficient home. "

The OptimaHouse project attracted a lot of public interest. Since the start of construction in August 2015, it has attracted the attention of specialists, government officials, experts and consumers. Over 2 years, more than 70 events - seminars and presentations for specialists, thematic meetings for architects and designers, excursions for consumers and students - were held directly in the house. In total, the house was visited by more than 2500 people. Various aspects of the construction and operation of OptimaHouse were covered in many publications of the All Ukrainian mass media, journalists of specialized and popular editions repeatedly traveled to the facility for reporting and photo sessions.

Publicity Creating has been cooperating with the OptimaHouse project for more than 3 years, performing activities on organizing press events, preparing and distributing press releases, project consulting, carrying out  video and photography at the facility.

OptimaHouse is still open for visitors today. Here you can get advice from specialists, get consulting with the used technologies and equipment, and the main thing - to make sure personally the comfort and attractiveness of a modern energy-efficient home.

The project OptimaHouse is implemented by 6 companies: Saint-Gobain Building Products Ukraine (TM ISOVER, Rigips, Weber), VELUX Ukraine (TM VELUX), VEKA Ukraine (TM VEKA), Schneider Electric Ukraine (TM Schneider Electric), Metrotile-UKRAINE (TM Metrotile) and OK "ZHBK" Affordable Housing of Ukraine" (TM Dostupne Zhitlo). The project organizers provided the most up-to-date materials and solutions for the construction and equipment of the house.

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