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News / cases / The contest “Fresh thought 2011” has gone - “Fresh thought 2012” has come!
7 February 2012

On the 31 of January 2012 in Kiev the results of annual contest “Fresh thought 2011” for the best article on air conditioning, ventilation and climate creating.

On the 31 of January 2012 in Kiev the results of annual contest “Fresh thought 2011” for the best article on air conditioning, ventilation and climate creating.

The journalist contest “Fresh thought 2011”, organized by LEACOND Company in 2011 was held for the eighth time already, this time supported by the European headquarters of DAIKIN – DAIKIN Europe N.V.

36 articles (from 22 authors), published in Ukrainian business and specialized media took part in the competition. The competition works were estimated in three nominations: the best business orientated article, the best technical article and the best consumer orientated article. The distinctive feature of the contest is that only editorial materials are allowed to take part in it.

During the press-lunch traditionally held in Japanese restaurant in the results of the contest “Fresh thought 2011” were announced. The guests were pleasing themselves with exquisite dishes, flavored drinks and friendly, festive atmosphere.

The permanent partner of the contest is the company Publicity Creating.

Within the framework of the project the specialists of Publicity Creating provided the full package of services: working out the project, preparing the conditions of the competitions and all necessary text materials, working with the journalists from the target media, collecting the competition works and applications for participation in the competition, announcing and informing about the current situation on the contest.

Concerning the final awards ceremony, it should be pointed out, that the specialists of Publicity Creating had worked out all important aspects: location and management of the platform, the event scenario, invitation and accreditation of the participants (not only the participants of the contest, but editors-in-chief of the leading specialized editions and internet resources as well), photography, sound equipment, speaker’s consulting and preparation of the report.

The sponsors also announced the continuation of the contest “Fresh thought” in 2012 aiming to promote the development of actual topics on the Ukrainian climate technics market and inform the end-users about the innovation technologies in this sphere. The contest “Fresh thought 2012” is planned to be started on the 1 of March.

The contest is a unique long-term project in PR-sphere and mass media relations, it has been held since 2004. Over the period of 8 years over 270 articles from more than 150 authors took part in the contest.


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