News / cases / 2011 has been one of the most successful years for Publicity Creating in its 14-year history
16 January 2012

By the end of 2011 the number of clients of the Publicity Creating has tripled, compared with the previous year.

By the end of 2011 the number of clients of the Publicity Creating has tripled, compared with the previous year. At the same time in 2011 the company has realized over 120 projects for its clients: both offline (press conferences, roundtable meetings etc.) and online (maintaining blogs and platforms in social networks, expert online conferences, video conferences, contests in social networks etc.) projects. Publicity Creating has also managed to integrate online and offline forms (different kinds of online broadcasting events).

In 2011 the following companies have become the clients of Publicity Creating: the chain of supermarkets “EKO-market”, “Alfa-bank”, the chain of electronic equipment supermarkets “Eldorado”, pharmaceutical company “Teva”, sanatorium “Vernygora”, “Biona Group”, such companies as “URSA” (thermal insulation and soundproofing), “Lime Systems”, “Ukrainian Postal Service” (B2B sector) and many others. Meanwhile Publicity Creating continues to work with its regular customers - ТМ Iren Bukur (cosmetics, 3 years of cooperation), “LEACOND” (climate technology, 11 years of cooperation), “EBM-PAPST Ukraine” (the branch of German company EBM-PAPST, 6 years of cooperation), ТМ DAIKIN (climate technology, 7 years of cooperation), ТМ ColorWay (printing materials, 5 years of cooperation) and others.

It’s worth pointing out, that last year Publicity Creating has been cooperating with clients from different regions of Ukraine: Lviv region (“Vernygora”), Crimea (“Biona Group”), Donetsk (“Lime Systems”, Donetsk Mine Rescue Equipment Plant), Odessa («Senturia») as well as from Russia ( “Russian Navigation Technologies”). The number of requests for promotion on Ukrainian market from foreign companies and brands from Czech Republic, Austria, France and other countries has also increased in 2011.

Moreover, in 2011 the company has carried out a number of activities in promoting the TM ColorWay International on Georgian and Moldavian markets. This is an example of the promotion of Ukrainian companies on CIS and near abroad markets – first of all Georgia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Moldavia, Kazakhstan, Russia and Baltic countries.

It’s important to point out that the amount of projects realized last year by Publicity Creating in the online sphere has increased noticeably – such projects have made 40% of all activities of the company including blogs and social networks. Aside from maintaining official blogs and platforms in social networks of the companies it’s worth pointing out such activities as filling client’s video channels with necessary content in specialized Internet resources, holding contests and quizzes in social networks, online reports in Facebook and Twitter, that increase their audience of offline events in hundreds of times and many other activities.

Some changes have taken place in company’s structure – in October 2011 there have been created to lines of working with clients: corporative and retail. Corporative direction is needed to reach strategic PR aims within the framework of long termed projects. Retail direction is aimed at realizing single projects and events in limited time frames, reaching the maximal results for the client. By now such differentiation has proven its effectiveness – the clients are satisfied by the company’s work, the number of requests from potential clients is constantly increasing.

“2011 has become very successful for Publicity Creating – the turnover and the amount of clients have increased greatly. The company has taken the first place in «Social Media Activity Index 2011» meant to be the most active PR-agency in the sphere of social media. We have also moved to a new office, that is bigger and more comfortable than the previous one, increased the staff. We enter 2012 as one of the leaders of Ukrainian PR market, as a company with great experience, that continues to develop rapidly, uses new approaches, enters a new level of cooperation with clients and performance. That is why we are sure that 2012 will be a successful year as well” ”, - pointed out Valery Kureiko, the CEO of Publicity Creating.


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