Cases / Originals or generics?

Project: Informing consumers and the public about the properties of original drugs

Client: Delegation of Boehringer Ingelheim, 2004-2005.

Goals and objectives:

• Increase awareness of consumers about the benefits of original drugs
• Argument the price
• Formation of loyalty to the company and products


• A series of press events with the participation of government representatives, NGOs, manufacturers and independent experts with discussion the situation in the market of medicines.
• Creating and distributing entertaining and informative brochures for children (TM Lasolvan, syrup for children)
• Media support of the events in the regional press and on TV


During the information campaign a series of press events were conducted, including:

• Round table ‘Diseases of the respiratory system: the situation in Ukraine, problems, predictions’
• Press briefing, ‘Requirements for medicines for children’
• Round table ‘Drugs: what consumers should know?’

Totally events were attended by over 90 representatives of national mass media (press, radio, TV, informational agencies), as a result more than 70 editorial publications came out.

Brochure "Happy Holidays", that was established with all features and requirements put forward to the advertising of medicines, was published in edition of 150 thousand copies, and distributed in places where the target audience was (for example in circus, zoo).

As the media support, 24 regional media materials were prepared and published, and 7 video-reports came out in leading TV channels.

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