Cases / Interactive roundtable with bloggers participation

Project: Interactive roundtable ‘The Ukrainian market of commercial PR: exit from the crisis in 2011?’
Goals and objectives:
• Conduct a measure that would have clearly demonstrated the possibility of integrating offline and online forms.
• View the topic of promoting in social networks and the blogosphere, to give practical advice to representatives of Ukrainian companies.
• Engage companies and agencies PR specialists in a dialogue.

• Construction of the round table:
• Off-line - a round table in the press center of the agency ‘Ukrainian News’ with the participation of PR-specialists, bloggers and experts.
• Online - announcement in the Internet and social networks, creating an event on Facebook, collecting questions from users, online video broadcasting on the site of Ukrainian News, online reports from the conference hall on Facebook and Twitter, answers on questions from Internet users.

• At the announcing stage of the event an audience of about 70 thousand users was covered.
• Round Table was followed by more than 3,000 Internet users.
• Speakers, among which were well-known bloggers-thousands, were asked more than 30 questions.
• Following the event post-release was prepared, a series of videos with comments of experts and experienced representatives of Ukrainian companies (in the hall was attended by over 20 people) were taken and placed on YouTube and other video-hostings.
• As a result of the event there were received more than 50 publications on the Internet (including on popular blogs). Information aroused resonance in social networks – posts, reposts, comments, discussions that could be seen by up to 10 thousand users.
• The event attracted considerable interest and many positive reviews, was useful for the target audience.
It should be noted that the roundtable was organized in record time (2 weeks). The team that worked on the project consisted of 7 persons. There were involved new forms, for example, video preview, online reports.

Video review of the roundtable

The partner of the event - web site Publicity.kiev.ua

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