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22 September 2011
A professional PR for corporations and holding companies

New plans of Ukrainian companies (in particular from agricultural sector) for outcome on the IPO, about which told many experts, mergers and acquisitions, specific to the major players in the market – all this require a specialized PR maintenance.

In the Publicity Creating company we’re sure that professionally implemented communication strategy for a large company with a branched structure will help to achieve not only it reputation, but also marketing results.

Tasks for the agency may be different. It can be strengthening of the company's reputation before outcome to IPO, competent PR support of M&A processes, the emergence of new structural units of the corporation or disbandment of non perspective projects and many others. But they all involve careful preparation, the development of strategic documents and multilevel implementation with help of effective PR-instruments.

It should be noticed that the reputation of a corporation or a holding group of companies and their individual structures or brands are interconnected. It reminds the relationship of reputation of the manufacturer and its products; in general, positive or negative public opinion about the manufacturer passes on the goods it produced (even under different brands.) Similarly, the reputation of the holding or corporation transfers to their department, that’s why it is so important to care about the image of the parent company cause in the case of the its reputation failure, images of subsidiaries and brands will fail in a domino effect. On the other hand, the negative, associated with one of the structural divisions could tarnish the reputation of the all holding company or a corporation. So PR-program should be carried out not only the "from top till down" and backward.

"Publicity Creating company develops communication programs and PR-campaigns for the promotion of corporations and holdings that combine not only promotion of the particular brand (after all, most orders arrive precisely on such work), but also the parent company. For example, in our practice we have the case of the one of medications promotion, and we also proposed PR support of those pharmaceutical company social activities, and this was successfully implemented. In this season range of PR tools for corporations and holding companies has been updated and expanded. Overall, the experience of promotion and PR support of corporations and holding companies is one of the most important in the PR-specialist armory ‘cause of it’s diversity and originality" said Valeriy Kureiko, CEO of Publicity Creating.

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