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8 May 2012
Master class PR 1: Press-conference 2012: what is this today?

There are many different PR instruments for establishment of good relations with public and media. Publicity Creating uses them in active communication with clients for 14 years. One example of such instrument is a press event.

For the last years we can note that this PR instrument changes dynamically.

In 2008 we can interpret the concept of a press conference as a media event in which PR agency invites target media to report key messages and the company gets the opportunity to communicate with media during event.

When we are talking about the press conference in 2012 we can note, that the press event today is more than just an invitation of the mass media and subsequent publications.

What Publicity Creating can offer to clients besides the standard scheme of the press-conference?

- Online broadcast of the event – which allows interested people to join to the conference online and be aware of up-to-date information

- Webcast on the client’s web-site – which can show company’s existing and potential clients the main company’s activities, plans for the future, company’s openness and so on.

- Social Media interaction, which took an important part in communication between the company and general public
Broadcasting in the social networks allows to share key messages with the audience (users) in the real time.
Also social media allows to announce the event and attract bloggers to the press-conference.

- Photo placement on the special web-platform, called Flickr- properly tagged photosets of company events can help customers put a face on the team behind your brand.

- Video placement on Youtube
YouTube It is a powerful channel for quickly engaging your customers, responding to complaints, and demonstrating your social-media savvy.

Press conference organized by Publicity Creating in 2012 gives you more than you could expect. So don't hesitate and contact us via phone numbers +38 044 299 25 03 and e-mail vip-office@publicity.com.ua

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This is an easy and convenient way to achieve your goals.


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