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7 November 2012
Video as the essential PR-component of business promotion

Multimedia technologies were burst into our lives like a shot. Multimedia are using more widely, they comes into all human activities. Especially it concerns video.

For modern business Video is a kind of communication, which can provide an effective report to the large audience.

Video about various aspects of company activities and most bright events are helps to make a contact with the target audience. With another activities, right way of video using helps to get the promotion company’s tricks.

Today professional PR-agencies are implements all kinds of video materials, which depends from the client`s wishes and targets.

One of the most popular kind of video materials is a Company staff`s and TOP management`s interview. Video interview can provide the massage to the target audience very effectively. This is a good tool for demonstration of the Company`s openness, for a dialogue with customers and partners, and client position promotion in various questions.

Another effective way to confirm the Company reliability product and products quality is an interview with the clients and their comments about the cooperation or Company products. Interviews with partners, dealers and distributors can resolves issues in B2B sector very successfully.

Video tour is the best tool for the demonstration of your company modernity: Equipment, manufacturing or services. By dint of video tours you can focus the target audience on Company`s strengths and demonstrate advantages.

To demonstrate the products and its characteristic in detail it would be better to make a Products video review. Master class and clients review are very effectively formats too.

PR-agency provides video reports on results of events within its organization. Depending on the specifics of the event, video can have different formats. For example in the form of celebration event cuts or full video report and video lectures. During the event online broadcasting can be providing. It needs to reach a larger audience and to attract the interest.

In organizing events PR agency is not limited by own videos, media and TV are also invited. Video Stories on TV news specialized programs are strengthens the public interest and helps to promote your Company.

There are other types of video materials besides aforenamed, among them virus video, corporate movies, internal PR video clips etc. Video could be placed on the Company own channel and on the main website with the Share to blogs and social networks function.

“Video will help to solve a lot of tactical tasks for any business and promote a business strategically. Video stories can visualize a service, explain the Product`s technical advantages and show the Production in action. Also Video takes a possibility to present the Company and the Company`s staff, and achievements, that could get emotional connection with society. Internet allows to create own Company`s video channel and submit information about yourself in a bright and attractive shape, that looks more objective and natural than advertising"- Valery Kureyko, General Director of Publicity Creating said.


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