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15 November 2011
PR-clients: "Corporate" and "retail" customers of PR-agencies: how to find an individual approach to everyone?

Long-term experience shows: almost every customer need a long-term (at least - medium) PR-program, which requires involvement of many PR-instruments and generating significant reputational result, or to address specific short-term PR-tasks.

Based on their present trend, there are two main groups of clients PR-agencies: the first need the integrated strategic public relations programs (this group may be called "corporate clients"), and the second need a one-off events or projects, individual products or services ("retail clients ").
Publicity Creating command refers to the same liability to the problems of clients from both groups, providing the same high level of PR-service to each customer.

That’s why solving the problem of "corporate" customers is construction and enhance their reputation and achievement of marketing goals for the "retail" customers are more important quantitative targets, which have the short term. These indicators, depending on the task, may be the number of publications after a news-event, the number of distributed press releases during the period, the number of comments on the Internet or the number of followers on Twitter.

"Retail" customers order PR-projects carried out within a short period of time (usually one to three months), but the intensity of their performance is generally high. For example, a client can set a task to prepare a successful press conference during the week. And then all that is required of Publicity Creating - is to provide a full room of interested journalists in one of the leading news agencies, and after - the max number of loyal publications on the outcome of events in the media. Obviously, the strategic goals of an event can not be achieved, it solves a specific problem, for example, to inform the target audience about a new product (service) client, or a decision in crisis PR.

"Retail customers tend to order the special charge, a significant event for both to the press and to partners, dealers and consumers. In the second place are text materials, articles, notes, releases and activity in social networks - for example, informing about the project or event. In the third place - consulting, auditing and trainings ", - said Valeriy Kureyko, General Director of Publicity Creating.

"Corporate" customers also need to conduct successful events and other activities, but in this case they will be only one component, the building blocks in a sturdy building reputation. At the beginning with "corporate" customer agency develop a strategy of promotion and a list of strategic documents (communication and media plan, the information model, etc.) for an extended period (usually one year). This strategy involves the use of a wide range of PR-instruments - both off-line and on-line formats. Implementing such PR-strategies, based on years of strategic planning of Publicity Creating, provides the customer with a synergistic effect of its PR-activities, the result are achievement reputational and marketing results.

As V. Kureyko told, "Many customers work with us for many years. For example, we cooperate with "Likond" (TM Daikin) on PR-promotion more than 10 years. We provide strategic planning, development of ideas series, information and communication model, the embodiment of the program in the direction of journalists, event conducting, release writing, articles, monitoring and consulting. Our activities are aimed at achieving marketing objectives and reputation of the client company. "

Publicity Creating has an impressive experience with PR-service as "corporate" and "retail" customers, so a professional approach to solving their problems is equally felt. In turn, the opening of corporate and retail areas permits Publicity Creating better to allow for specific requests and provide the appropriate level of PR-service.

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