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7 November 2012
PR for IT: Publicity Creating practice

Strategic communication Company Publicity Creating working with IT market since 1998. During this time many different projects were realized. Among them - individual events and medium-time projects. Also it was long-term pr-programs, which brought a good reputation and marketing results.

During working under PR campaign strategy one must take into consider not only client`s wishes, but target audience, company`s branch, budget, campaign duration and strategic goals.

For B2C Companies Publicity Creating organized promo campaigns, which improve sales, product presentations and press conferences, provides the brand recognition and presents companies TOP managers like branch experts. For B2B are using another instruments: round tables conducting and seminars with technical experts, dealer conferences, different partner events. Also company provides publications in business and specialized media, PR consulting and many others activities.

Toshiba representative in Ukraine, DKT Company worked with Publicity Creating during 5 years – from 1998 to 2002. During this time agency`s specialists were promoted actively not only Company DKT, but also all “notebooks” trade group. In the latest 90-th laptops looked like exotic and were less powerfully and functionally than PC, but cost more. But that time the main notebooks advantage – mobility – was understandable to the consumers and even to experts. That’s why agency working hard under notebooks advantages explanation, where many articles for media were has been wrote. Also agency helped to improve connection between Company and media. There were many events held, among them dealer conference, technical seminar, Company Birthday and so on.

During working with Publicity Creating another IT Company K-TRADE achieved a great success in their Brand promotion in Ukraine. It took recognition like a leading PC distributor and manufacturer and going to be a product promoting leader. Everything begins from the press conferences series organized within vendor’s representatives, articles and news, creative mock-ups. By Publicity Creating corporate slogan, positioning and other strategic products was created. K-TRADE Company also

participated actively in specialized Exhibitions and thanks to Publicity Creating has a good planned and decorated exposition and presents bright show on their stand. For example, during new Samsung monitors presentation on Exhibition the beautiful fashion show was held, were 20 models took part and popular music stars has a live perform. And, naturally, agency ensured the Client permanent and positive presence in media.

Successfully Clients PR campaign conducting is the half the battle of their future working. The Example: on the results with Publicity Creating working ABBYY Ukraine took the 1st place among 1C distributors in Ukraine. During 1C promotion Events on Exhibitions, employer’s trainings, seminars and information media support were provides. Agency also promoted another ABBYY products – among them text recognizer FineReader, not only for wide customer audience, but also for state and business establishments.

Very important for every company PR instrument is Expert video interview, independently of their target audience and positioning. General Director or Department head could be speaker and answer the main questions, which are interesting for potential clients and tell about company priorities. For another Publicity Creating Client – E-Consulting Company was organized video interview series with Company President. They were posted on business portal, where potential company clients could discover more about it straight from the horse's mouth. It demonstrated the company opening and improves her positive image on the CRM developers market.

On example of working with the Ukrainian Bank Software developer Lime Systems Company, Publicity Creating shows how to promote permanently and purposefully specialized product. For example, press conference about Bank Software advantages was collect business and specialized media journalists and also TV-channels.

For Invex Telecom and 3M Companies (Telecom) Publicity Creating provides not only media PR, but organized anniversary events: scenario writing, organization, event coordination and other activities. And for business telephony operator CITIUS PR campaign was directed on positive image creating and social inform during sales preparations. Publicity Creating has working experience not only with the Computer and Telecom distribution and production Companies, but also with Companies working in the Indirect IT branches.

Publicity Creating helped to launch TM ColorWay - office equipment Consumables. Agency`s work was direct on the role of Consumables explanation and main advantages of product description: there were many press releases and articles has been wrote, round tables with IT experts was held, video reports for Internet was created, organized employers trainings. Also new trade groups were launched – CISS, photo paper, cleaners. They were launched were quickly and has a good inform feedback in Internet, also due to new media – video, Social Networks and different inform channels integration to a one campaign. As the result of Publicity Creating 2 years working Trade mark ColorWay become a segment leader and took popularity among customers, retailers and service centers.

Strategic Communication Company Publicity Creating provides PR campaign of new stores opening, like Digital World and Unitrade. Company worked actively with world Company`s representatives, for example, provides PR campaign for Oracle, presented AMD, HP, Samsung, ASG etc. new products. Agency experience are complete the projects for system integrators, CRM, XRM and ERP systems developers and distributors and another IT market operators.

For a long-time working with IT Companies Publicity Creating helps them not only to create the image and reputation, but also become leaders on their branches. The course of such results on IT market was also the high agency customer focus, keenness and deep understanding products, service and client business specificity.

Publicity Creating General Director Valeriy Kureiko says: “Our strengths are big experience and ability to work qualitatively, solve a many tasks for different clients. IT market is more dynamic not only in our country but world over and no everybody could catch all trends. Publicity Creating have the proactive position and seeks to be first every time in order to bring a real success for our clients”.


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