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6 Juny 2011
PR-outsourcing: appeal to customers is growing steadily

     Many representatives of Ukrainian companies understand that there is a such kind of business system operating for a long time in developed countries, when the majority of not directly specialized activities of the company are done by outsourcing specialists including PR agencies. Business experts consider such scheme optimal from financial and administrative perspectives and according to the efficient allocation of resources. Thus, the main principle of outsourcing - "Leave for yourself only what you can do better than others and delegate to the outer performer tasks what he can do better".
     Benefits from involvement of PR-outsourcing for creation companies publicity are understood by not only business experts, but marketing departments and top managers of Ukrainian companies. This is confirmed by a survey of representatives of large and medium-sized Ukrainian companies concerning their attitude towards outs    ourcing of PR-services. The survey was conducted by IAC «Publicity» in spring 2011.
     The majority of respondents acknowledged that the involvement of PR-outsourcing has a number of indisputable advantages over the implementation of PR-activities solely by its own marketing department. Respondents identified main plus pointes of PR-activities delegating to professional agencies: foremost it’s an experience of the agency, creative approach, new ideas, a comprehensive, systematic approach, in addition - the ability to have held more intensive activity, and finally - trained specialists. So, why did surveyed companies choose these options? This question is quite simple to answer by referring to experience and current activities of one of the leading operators in the Ukrainian PR market - strategic communications company Publicity Creating.

Experience of the Agency 
         Publicity Creating Сompany is operating at the Ukrainian market of PR-services for over than 13 years, it is one of the three most famous and one of the five the most professional PR-agencies of Ukraine. In practice it means that during the years of active and continuous operation (including the financial crisis) the company has accumulated invaluable experience in implementing a large-scale multi-PR-campaigns and short-term PR-actions and PR-activities. By implementing hundreds of successful PR-activities, specialists of Publicity Creating gained competent views on creation and implementation of PR-strategy of any complexity. As for efficient processing of PR-budgets the company worked with different scale - from the largest to small. Publicity Creating has a successful experience of PR-activities in the financial, automotive, agricultural, food, construction and other markets, that allows on the one hand - to take into account the specifics of each market segment and, on the other hand - to accumulate the total experience and implement technology that will work in any line of business.

Trained specialists
         It's not a secret that qualified experts are the greatest value and the basic capital of PR-agency. Employees of Publicity Creating were chosen among hundreds of applicants for the vacant positions. Preference is given to those who has specialized PR-education in the best universities of the country and who has experience in marketing and PR. Before admission to the state of our stuff a few months of training and learning are occurred. Only after gaining the primary experience with customers, new employees may be involved in the responsible areas of work. In fact, each of the managers of Publicity Creating - whether it is account-manager, PR-manager or Internet-PR-manager - has specialized education and several years of experience in PR and convincing client portfolio. But at the same time, professional experience, which he received at work in Publicity Creating, as each of the managers said, is a key in his career. It is no coincidence - as operational standards and requirements for service quality are very high. The rate of activities is also high and all this allows staff to develop constantly and to be always in the best professional "fit".

Creative approach, new ideas
      To be one step ahead of trends and the boldest solutions in the market of PR-services is one of the key principles of the company Publicity Creating. No wonder that it is called "strategic communications company". In fact, new instruments and methods of positive publicity, and a strong reputation for achieving results through marketing PR-activities are included in every commercial offer provided as a new stage of cooperation. Full description of the spectrum of PR-services provided by the Publicity Creating would take more than an article. It should be said that new services are added to the list not every year, but every quarter.
      For example, recently the company actively deployed various forms of PR in the Internet - especially video and social networks. Also, the agency actively deployed various interactive forms - online conferences, online translation, integrating off-line and online methods. 
     Thus, an individual approach is applied to each client and each situation. It means that any creativity is motivated and based on a calculated and predictable reputation and marketing result. The company has indisputable rule - creative means effective, and vice versa.

A comprehensive, systematic approach
     The usage of a systematic approach to each PR-program is another important principle of Publicity Creating, because the basic service of the company is the development and implementation of integrated communication programs for clients. Such programs are directed to the key target audiences: consumers, stalls, investors, internal public and others and can convey the necessary information and generate the audience attitude toward the company brand and products. It always consists of several channels and the most effective forms of communication. Activities are carefully planned so they are harmonically combined and strengthened one by another. Carefully selected team of professionals - creative-service group - works with each client and is responsible for all PR-activities within the communication program.

More intense activity
      In the PR-departments of the largest Ukrainian companies only a few people are working. In every creative and service group provided for clients by Publicity Creating 3-6 professionals are normally involved: account-manager, PR-manager, Internet PR Manager, Event-Manager, Assistant of Media Relations, Assistant for monitoring and others. Responsibilities are clearly divided between these specialists. Their activities are optimized thanks to joint work on many projects. So no wonder that the amount of PR-activities, which can perform such a group, is far outweigh the amount of standard PR-department activities. Thanks to this optimized business team in the history of Publicity Creating there are a lot of cases of simultaneous holding of several different PR-actions with consistently high efficiency. It is important that CEO managers of Publicity Creating, who are highly qualified practitioners with over 15 years experience, supervise personally all significant customers, provide advices to top officials of client companies and develop complex strategic documents. Under the supervision and with the participation of experienced professionals any company can receive the highest level of service.
Ultimately, the agency always has much more opportunities and resources, including human, for organizing and holding qualitative (from 100 to 500 people in Ukraine and abroad) or especially responsible (with the participation of senior officials, foreign partners and etc.) events.
      In summary, it is worth noting that the Ukrainian business environment is steadily moving towards the western approaches to business activities and therefore it is hoped that the involvement of PR- outsourcing will become the norm for the vast majority of companies in the short term. Such optimistic conclusions can be made because of understanding of PR-outsourcing benefits by marketing departments and representatives of top management of many Ukrainian companies.


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