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25 May 2010
New Forms of Media and Traditional PR. Are they Opponents or Allies?

On the 27th of May, 2010 during Kiev International Advertising Festival (KIAF)will be held a roundtable on subject New Media and Traditional PR: Opponents or Allies? The event is devoted to the hot theme — use of new and traditional methods of PR and their effeciency for solving communication problems. Organizer of the event - Ukrainian PR-Alliance (UPRA), with the support of the organizing committee of the festival.

Some questions about the upcoming event were asked Valeriy Kureiko – the Vice President of Ukrainian PR-alliance, President Publicity Group.

- What are the reasons for choosing this subject?
- Development of media create new rules. Information, communication, contacts and even contracts a lot came to online. In order not to be the last in such trends, many companies rushed to the Internet and started a vigorous activity there. But a lot of them either did not have the desired effect, or even worse - have received some negative. Therefore, it is important to clarify importance and forms of PR-promotion in the Internet. On the other hand, the so-called “traditional PR” is not at last positions, and it would be wrong to think that such popular forms of promotion as an article or a PR-Event can be replaced by a discussion on forums ... Therefore, it is important for PR-specialists to maintain an optimal balance between the “new” and “traditional” PR, for achieving marketing results

- What issues do you plan to discuss at the round table?
- This will be a variety of topical issues that concern to PR-specialists: promotion opportunities online for B2B and B2C markets, the benefits of traditional forms of public relations, problems measuring PR - efficiency on the Internet, budgets for new media etc. I think discussion will be interesting, though this depends not only on the subject or the moderator, but also on the mood of speakers, and the activity of the audience. In any case, we will move the discussion back on track...

- Who are invited as participants of the round table?
- The speakers of the event are: representatives of professional associations of PR-market, PR-agencies, on line press and research organizations, detailed information can be found at KIAF website. This is an open event, and we invite all participants to the roundtable discussion and debate. Opinion of specialists about the use of new media can help to clarify situation.

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