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15 November 2017
How to implode offline events to online ones: advices from practical experience

The need of   integration offline actions to online ones is been talking-over today by everyone. This is not surprising: target audience change over to online field, and traditional  media are losing their value as a source of targeted audiences' information sharing.

Towards marketing and PR managers is the simple question: how to make more consumers, partners and clients to learn about companies’ news and events. Frequently without giving any budget  for placing in media.  

The answer to that question is obvious - You must involve new media - Internet resources and  social media.

However few questions appear, for example:

-         What sites to choose? Should I pay them, or they will publish the information free of charge?))

-         If we publish the information on the companies' pages in Facebook,  Twitter, etc - how many people will see it? And who are those people after all?))

-         How to make information brighter and how to use it longer? Though even genius  press-release will lose its actuality…

The list can be continued=)

 Let’s tersely answer on these questions, using tips from personal working experience with lots of companies on various markets. In other words give one-size fits-all answers which will befit to every marketing manager, in whatever sphere his company is working.

For better coverage for  Your company events and other activities undoubtedly media publications are needed.  If budget on print media and TV was not presented (which today is not obligatory, since the effectiveness of publishing is sometimes doubtful, despite the placement cost) - so the Internet platforms are the only to stay. And here we must according to situation choose final resources, which will definitely enter Your targeted audience, and of course choose the most rating ones.

But firstly You should prepare expert press-release, provide it with photos and experts opinions and distribute it among wide media base. It is possible, that you will get specific amount of editorial publication.  And after this- you should account possibility of paid distribution on few, most popular and/or  specialized resources. Which to choose - follow ratings, and certainly release content. For example, if topic grows out of you sphere - there is sense to give information in more popular resources, but not the specialized ones – these can be sites of news agencies or news web portals, audience of which manifoldly exceed any specialized site.

It is obligingly to publish information on Companies  pages in social media. Moreover, it is possible to make online eye-witness report in day/hour when the event will be held. As to exposure – everything depends on the platform status - the amount of fans, their activeness. And how many platforms do you have - one? two? three?

TOP-managers and marketing managers should already understand - if platforms are in entry level or in started state - they are able to accomplish only support role, and sometimes can even work as subvertisment, if the information is old and is not renewed.

Here the question is more sound - You should create Your own information channel of sharing in social medias- in fact, own media, which regularly, entertainingly and comprehensively informs audience and simultaneously expands this audience.

There must be at least 2 platforms in socials media with enough audience number for your business, field (it can be great result for B2B sectors and 1-3 thousand fans, and for B2C  10 thousand  fans cannot always be significant).  You mast seriously and endlessly attend in creating own channel.

Then the presentation of events on own platforms ( do not forget about the site and the  YouTube channel and services like SlideShare) will be a great alternative to traditional media- operational, pliable and fully controlled with facility to get feedback from targeted audience.  

Finally, about how to make information more vivid. One press-release is not enough.  You need photos, and also b-rolls- not visuals, viz PR subjects, which can tell about event or news. It can be a remote, comments from the management, specialists, experts, guests, partners, consumer opinions, workshops… Video is principal, you could use it later for Your work with partners or clients. As to social media, remember, that people are attracted by pictures, interesting facts and impartial opinions of other people - this information you should give.

I hope that these  recommendations will help You to  integrate offline events into online platform.


Ruslana Plis, PR consultant, Publicity Creating Account Director.


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