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28 April 2010
After the crisis, Ukrainian PR will be more pragmatic


On the 15th of April in the press center "Ukrinform" was held a round table on the subject "The Future of Ukrainian Advertising: Trends are Forming Today." To participate in the discussion were invited well-known specialists of advertising and communications industry: advertisers, marketers, PR-specialists.

The representative of Ukrainian PR-industry at the round table was Valeriy Kureiko – the Vice President of Ukrainian PR-alliance, the CEO of Publicity Creating Company.
During the discussion, experts concluded that advertising is an important component of marketing communications. This was vividly demonstrated during the presentation of research, which was carried out by Ukrainian Marketing Group "The Future of Ukrainian Advertising by the Eyes of Ukrainian Consumers."

Nevertheless, commercial is not enough for today. Experts say that demand, for example on public relations, without which advertising can't be efficient, is also present. During the discussion, Valeriy Kureiko (the Vice-President of Ukrainian PR-alliance, the CEO of Publicity Creating), said, “Ukraine begins to enter the post-crisis period, and clients need products and services that are adopted to new realities of post-crisis. During the crisis approaches in many ways have changed - were updated traditional and formed new forms and methods, while specific, pragmatic tasks are put for PR-communications.
Marketing Communications, says Valeriy Kureiko, must take into account these changes and respond to them. Therefore, the expert noted, in the near future Ukrainian public relations will focus primarily on specific marketing results: increased sales, market share, dealer network. "Post-crisis PR in Ukraine can not be" an art for art's sake "as PR-agencies declared not so long time ago, but will perform for clients a strategic function", said the expert during the event.


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