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27 May 2010
The Marketing Day will be Held at SIA'2010 Exhibition for the First Time

On 28th of May, 2010 during 18th Kiev International Motor Show SIA'2010 will be held the Marketing Day for the first time. In anticipation of this event, we asked a few questions Valeriy Kureiko - Director General of Publicity Creating, Co-hosting of the event.

- The Marketing Day is held for several years at the InterBudExpo Exhibition («Building and architecture"), and this year also took place in the InterAgro Exhibition. Now the event is scheduled within the Kiev International Motor Show SIA'2010...

- The Marketing Day is a successful format, which our company has already implemented in several exhibitions, supported by the organizing committees. The car market is very promising in terms of marketing communications. Although during the crisis, the market has dropped by 70-80% and auto companies had loss, but in the first quarter of this year, the market began to stabilize. So a lot of companies have increased their communication activity. At the same time, were highlighted several aspects. First is the impact of communications on sales. Secondly, it remains an urgent issue to optimize the marketing mix. Thirdly, obviously, the efficiency of such communications. All these aspects are essential under new market conditions. Therefore, the subject of the first day at Marketing Day at SIA'2010 - Marketing-mix in the Automotive Market: Effective Solutions to Increase Sales in 2010.

- What is the target audience of th Marketing Day?
- The event is primarily aimed at marketers and managers of different level, as well as PR-managers, brand and advertising managers. I think the Day of Marketing will be of interest to everyone who works in marketing communications or is directly related to it.

- What are the speakers?
- The Marketing Day will be held in the form of presentations from managers of research, consulting companies; PR-specialists, brand specialists, representatives of event-companies that have experience in organizing large-scale campaigns for car dealerships; representatives of industry associations. We aim to target speakers so that their presentations contain practical examples and recommendations that can be used in companies.

The Marketing Day will be held at the SIA'2010 Motor Show on the 28th of May in 2010 (the second day of the exhibition). Venue: International Exhibition Centre (Brovarskyi Prospect 15, Livoberezha underground station), Pavilion № 1. Start at 11-00. Entrance for exhibitors and visitors -is for free.


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