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23 April 2010
New Standards of PR in Ukraine


1. Ukrainian PR-market enters the next level of development. How does this fact impact on client expectations?
In 2010, client
s actively consult, ask a lot of information, optimize investments. A tendency of increase in budgets for PR and communications is also observed. There are a lot of requests from clients, which did not use PR before. The main thing - clients use only those forms of communication, which can lead to certain marketing results. Therefore, the protection concepts, programs to promote a lot more of attention to the forecast performance.

2. What prices are set on the market?
This question may
be answered by studies of agencies, as well as of clients. In general, prices for PR become optimal and balanced. The client on the one hand wants to reduce investment in communication, on the other hand he does not want to cooperate with unknown, new agencies that offer services too cheaply.

3. Fair price for the services of PR - myth or reality?
Price should be fair for both – clients and agencies. It can not be "fair" only to one side. Based on the specifics of service, we organize and conduct a lot of activities in different areas of the market: construction, IT, automotive, cosmetics and others. A lot of speakers say that during the crisis products, services may be sold at dumping prices, below a reasonable limit. But then clients will not receive quality, services, and often without result. The same thing happens on the PR-market. During bargains clients must understand a reasonable bound. In addition, more professional agencies for more sophisticated products and services, will always receive more than younger agents for simple services. If we are talking about the fact that the agency is working to achieve specific marketing results - then clients will not deal with the cost of services as such, but with the ratio of expenditures and expected revenues.
The term “fair price” for us means an optimized well thought-cost of services that allows to achieve certain marketing results after released PR-campaign.

4. What features in a new marketing program Certain Resultsfor Fair Price? What are results for clients?

This program is already implemented for several clients. We have systematically calculated and implemented programs for clients with the forecasted results (increase in market share and sales, expansion into new market segments). This includes the quantitative and qualitative indicators, their balance, very precise information model and the use of certain technologies.
I have not heard that from someone that PR-agencies have similar program. Usually PR-men "refuse" of marketing metrics, but engaged in "art". Amorphous PR-support of the advertising process, or the company can be afforded by few organizations and marketers. All are focused on results in the short term.

 5. What are the further steps of the program scheduled for the nearest future?
The program focuses on the interaction with clients, which means presentations, reports, articles, news, products, meetings, negotiations, contract. It is possible to increase sales up to 10% after this program.


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