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23 December 2009
PR is moving into regions

The financial crisis affected all sectors of the Ukrainian economy. For example, the PR market (by estimations of UPRA) decreased by 35%. This affected the supply of products and services, as well as client services -agency relationship. About existence of PR-agency under new circumstances in the new conditions says Valeriy Kureiko - the CEO of Publicity Creating Company (Kiev, since 1998, 20 employees).

To what extent did the financial crisis complicated the development of PR industry in Ukrainian regions and in Ukraine in general?

On the one hand, the crisis affected the marketing situation in the market – the need in services and budgets have shrunk. On the other hand, there are a lot of new opportunities. 2009 and 2010 can become a positive basis for the development of PR in Ukrainian regions. There are a lot of young professionals who want to engage with public relations. We can talk about general situation in PR-industry by the number of requests to the company from all over the country.

Which means of distribution are prior to you?
The crisis forced to analyze company's activities, to identify priorities, to plan business processes. Our company now operates in four spheres:
- Retail buyers
- Corporate clients
- Dealers and representatives,
- Partners.
For each sphere is developed and implemented its own marketing program, taking into account general marketing strategy. For example, developing a network of representatives in Ukraine develops during the affiliate program.

Who is a partner of Publicity Creating Company?

Partners - are different organizations with long-term cooperation. These are the organizing committees of major conferences and exhibitions, public organizations, advertising agencies, training and research companies, as well as the media, test laboratories, consulting organizations. We appreciate these partnerships. For advice and guidance to partner always work 100%.

Who are dealers / representatives for Publicity Creating Company?

Our representatives can be companies or individuals. For example, there are individuals that are  active, with the knowledge and experience in marketing and PR, who want to work and earn "today and now." However, there are also a lot of young professionals, including students, who began their careers in the industry, and cooperation with our company allows to get practical experience.

What are benefits that get Representatives, cooperating with your company?

First of all, the representatives are able to work under the famous brand, backed by years of experience, quality service and a positive reputation. Our representatives in regions use full range of products and services, along with special price conditions. So, they have the opportunity not only to work but to earn and to develop.
Cooperation is based on the Certificates of the three types : black with white, red and gold). These certificates allow to raise their status, to receive more favorable conditions and support.

Such program is being introduced for the first time on the Ukrainian PR-market?
Yes, this is so. The idea of building a network of representatives in regions began to develop in 2007, during a media tour by 5 key Ukrainian regions. There is an interest in public relations sphere, and the willingness of different people to work in this sphere. But they need a reliable partner, a clear scheme of work, special pricing and, most importantly, understanding the needs of regional clients. It is important to provide PR-services in any city of Ukraine, and offer each client an individual approach.

All this we have taken into account in the affiliate program, which we to implement since September 2009. We do not have to wait the end of crisis and time, when professionals and clients in regions will be informed about advanced technologies, etc. We believe in the potential of our Ukrainian experts and proposed them our knowledge, experience and the value of the brand.

And the results were not long to wait - today the representatives of Publicity Creating Company operate throughout the territory of Ukraine, almost in all major cities, as well as Donetsk, Lviv, Simferopol, Lugansk.

What kind of support you provide to representatives?
At the beginning of cooperation, each representative receives a basic package of documents and advice how to work. Then he can seek for advice and to get information support. We: assist in the negotiation process with the client during tender, develop strategies, algorithms of PR-campaign. During implementation of the campaign we control and implement responsible actions. But all these steps we do if information about the project was send to the head office on time and in full.

Representatives  can attend trainings; they are provided by the necessary advertising materials and souvenir production. We intend to help our active representatives, to expand and strengthen our network in Ukrainian regions.

Who are your customers in Ukrainian regions?

In the regions we are working with the local Ukrainian manufacturers and subsidiaries of national companies. But not only - clients can be local authorities, educational institutions, NGOs and, even, individuals. Previously, potential clients were not informed about advantages of using PR-technologies. It was believed that: public relations are expensive; PR-tools are used only for major international brands, there are no professionals in Ukraine. All these are myths. In 2009, prices and PR-tools became available for companies from all Ukrainian regions. Professionals became more aware about new marketing technologies, while Ukrainian PR-agencies are present on the market for a long time period.

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