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23 March 2010
Publicity Creating Company Implements Partnership Program


Recently the Company of Strategy Communications- Publicity Creating announced handling of diplomas to number of its partners. About the point of affiliate program, and its target audience says Valeriy Kureiko, the CEO of Publicity Creating Company.

Every company that exists on the market for long time period has partners. In any way company cooperates and communicates with them. What's new in your affiliate program?

The fact
of development and adoption of partner program shows importance of this direction for our company. For 12 years we have worked with more than three thousand organizations, which can be categorized as "Partner". But only one hundred and fifty have been partners in real life. At the end of last year, we have summed up the partnership activities; have drawn the program, and now cooperate with partners in brand new way.

What is the meaning of a diploma? Isn't it enough only meetings and agreements, eventually signed contracts?
Diploma is a reification of the status, but the main thing is to show our respect for the company's partner; its the evidence of long-term partnerships (with some partners we cooperate for more than 10 years). At last, this is an insight into the future, in new projects and opportunities.

To date, six certificates have been issued among the partners - the organizing committees of exhibitions, public organizations, consulting companies.
This is not the end. After the assignment of status this becomes the history and future( for example, projects in 2010). During rewards of certificates were held out meetings; we discussed what we can offer and at the same time what can be achieved on each of the stakeholders in projects.

What is included in the program? Which indicators are prior: quality or quantity?
At the forefront are qualitative indicators of cooperation: professionalism, integrity, solidarity, assistance, advice. Issuing a diploma is the result of successful history of relationships and several joint projects. In the developed program partner status is embodied, identified tasks for work and expected results. The annexes lists specific projects and areas of cooperation.

What is partner's interest?

ly, we recommend our clients to use services, products of partners. Recommendation are professional and objective - they are always listened. Secondly, we sometimes become customer / buyer of products from our partner. Third, we can provide information support for partner by our own opportunities (press releases, articles, PR-events, PR-campaigns). For a lot of partners this is very important and they feel the need for such support. And fourth - Consulting, which is also needed sometimes in confidential matters.

Does a partner becomes a dealer? What is needed to become a partner of Publicity Creating Company? Partner may only be a legal entity?

Partners differ from the dealers (we call them
representatives), even by name of documents: representatives are provided by certificates, while partners by diplomas. Certificates differ by categories and have limited validity, while diplomas are always in the "gold" status, there are no intermediate stages. Before the partner does not put plans for income generation, financial performance. Partnerships can be classified as business friendship which includes mutual interest, high professionalism and respect for the parties.

We constantly expand list of organizations
with which we cooperate: mentioned above organizational committees and community organizations, but it's not all - publishers, news agencies, auditing and legal firms, tour operators, business associations are also our partners. With all we cooperateprofessionally, usually deal with the first or second person of the company. But diplomas are given to partners, with whom we cooperate for long time and in important projects.

What is the most important in your affiliate program: profit or partnership?

Partnerships still prior, even though they ultimately lead to benefit, development. I would say so - «we are to increase revenues, but with a human face».


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