Cases / Visual PR of the main person and the command

Visualization plays an important role in communication programs. In particular, reputation photo sessions help to personify and show the "human face" of company and brand.

 Regular holding of photo sessions is the necessary part of the of communication programs for many clients of Publicity Creating. Our specialists harmoniously complement this instrumentinto  the general PR-program, and we also  have cases, when exactly visual image becomes the pivot of communication program.  

 We offer an idea and stylistics of photo session, and during its creation co-operate with professional photographers and photographic studios.

 Usually, reputation photo session decides the followings tasks:

  • creation of image photo of the main person and/or top-managers for  wide spectrum of using
  • creation / correction / development of main person image
  • forming the image of the public company
  • photo sessions are the elements of team-building and internal PR

Photos are used in such directions: 

  • like illustrations to the articles and interview, press-comments
  • like element of press-kit
  • on the corporate web-site and other Internet resources of company
  • in the corporate printing layouts (corporate booklet, image brochure, corporate edition etc.)
  • in image advertising
  • for placards, calendars

 An exceptional role visualization plays in PR of the main person – the leader or proprietor. 

 Examples of photo sessions, carried out in the last years for our clients from different markets are below.

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