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Cases / TM Monarch: development of the image

Project: Comprehensive communicational program for strengthening image of the company.

Client: Palmira Ruta (Monarch, Brooks), 2007

Aims and tasks:

• Strength a positive image of Monarch, give it new shades.
• Develop a system work with mass-media and form a pool of loyal journalists.


• Holding two large presentations of new shoes collections (spring-summer and autumn-winter), with fashion shows, inviting celebrities, partners and clients
• Organization of events for national mass-media (press briefing)
• Organization of competition for journalists "Master of shoe words"
• Holding PR-campaign in mass-media for reporting news and trends in shoe fashion


• Key messages were told to the target audience
• Connections with the reference mass-media were established (business, entertainment, popular edition of fashion)
• Company image acquired new, "trendy" features.

Publicity Creating analytics and monitoring department is involved into customer service
Over the past 20 years, many clients have provided recommendations for the agency
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