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Cases / PR for agribusiness

Project: communication program with the formation of reputation and public opinions.

Client: The company AMACO (American Machinery Company), 2008

Goals and Objectives:
• To increase the company level of publicity in the business environment, to convey the philosophy and advantages to the target audience.
• To develop a reputation of the company as a business leader and expert in the field of agriculture.
• To explain the difference between the concepts of "agribusiness" and "agriculture", to promote agribusiness as a priority sector of Ukrainian economy.

• Intensive informing of target audience
• Organizing a series of press events involving state officials and NGOs
• PR-campaign in the media
• PR of the first person
In particular, events were attended by Minister of Agriculture of Ukraine, Deputy Minister of Economy of Ukraine, heads of agricultural holdings, managers of industrial organizations (UCAB, UAC).

• The informational base of positive reputation in the business environment was created (up to six months program in the media came out more than 900 significant editorial publications).
• The attention of state agencies, industry associations representatives and business environment in general was drawn to the areas of agribusiness and its prospects.
• The key terms were implemented, such as agrarian business, the profitability of agriculture, effective agrotechnological complex, and others.
• The image of the AMACO leader as one of the leading agro-market and agribusiness speakers was created.

Publicity Creating analytics and monitoring department is involved into customer service
Over the past 20 years, many clients have provided recommendations for the agency
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