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Cases / Media tour to the plant

Project: media tour to the plant "Cherkassy Bus"

Client: Industrial & Investment Holding "Bohdan"

Aims and tasks:
To acquaint central editions journalists with industry and new technologies used for production of buses "Bogdan".
To establish relationships with journalists of specialized media.

Organizing and holding media tour to Cherkassy for journalists of leading business magazines, newspapers and TV. Media tour included press conference with the leaders of the plant, presentation of new bus model with new engine.

18 journalists of leading specialized (auto) and business editions and 2 TV-channels took part in the media tour.
Over 30 editorial publications were published as a result of the tour.
Journalists became sure in high quality of production and familiarized with new models of buses.
Good relations with mass-media were established and strengthened.

Each client gets a customized solution.
The survey was attended by representatives of more than 150 companies.
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