Cases / Launch of a new product group: fast and in a new way

Aims and tasks:

To launch new product categories - cleaning products.

To introduce into circulation a new "generic" word / term for commodity group - "chystylky"

To form basis for developing contacts with consumers of TM.

Offered solution:

Promotional campaign on three leading radio stations of Ukraine was held. Format - short emotional phrases (5 seconds) with high intensity. The original phrases have drawn the attention of listeners to different situations when cleaning products should be used which contained the name of TM. 16 different phrases with conventional "negative" and "positive" sense, which alternated, sounded on radio broadcasting for 4 weeks. Listen to clips you may here.

Blog and pages on social networks (such as VKontakte, FB, Twitter) were created and filled.

Short articles about the benefits and usability of products in different situations were written and distributed.

Photo and video sessions with examples of using cleaning products and advices from experts to consumers were hold.

Example of video "How to clean photo and video equipment"


Appearance of information about product categories in TOP10 Google (on request "chystylky")

Wide coverage of target audience familiarized with TM and information about new products (Total Reach - 888,90 thousands of people )

About 300 friends in social networks and more than 100 Internet publications.

Thus, successful launch of a new product group of cleaning products TM ColorWay was held in a short term and under a small budget.

At the same time effective combination of two communicational channels - radio and Internet, original methods and new media were used and implemented in project. And also new generic word "chystylky" was put into circulation for product group.




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