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Cases / Competition for journalists

Project: Competition for journalists "Fresh Mind"

Client: "Leacond" Company - authorized trading partner of Daikin Corporation in Ukraine.
Aims and tasks:
- creating company reputation as a market leader and expert.
- increasing the number of sectorial reviews and thematic materials in press.
- forming pool of loyal journalists that writing about "air-conditioning and air-conditioning market" and increasing level of their awareness of current trends and new technologies.
Competition "Fresh Mind" is 7 years in a row, and has already become traditional.
Thanks to the transparent mechanism of competition, it causes a positive response from journalists and specialized business media. The number and quality of thematic materials and sectorial reviews grows. Information and comments of company-organizer figure in many of them. In recent years the competition is supported by the European headquarters of Daikin. More than 170 authors and over 240 articles took part in competition for the last 7 years. Traditionally the announcement of winners is held at the end of January during the solemn press lunch in a Japanese restaurant.
The agency is a PR-partner of the KNAUF Company in social media and Internet.
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