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Cases / Biological products - the future of agriculture in Ukraine

Project: press tour to the factory of agricultural enterprise "Niva" (Evpatoria, Crimea) - producer of biological products; participation in developing and conducting workshops for professionals of agro-market, consulting, information support of the event.

Client: Group of companies "Biona", a leading manufacturer of biological products for agriculture in Ukraine, 2010

Goals and objectives: To develop a program of workshops for professional agricultural market for agricultural enterprise "Niva". And at the same time - to organize a press tour of specialized journalists and business media.

Solutions and Results: A comprehensive program of activities was developed that successfully combined a networking, business and entertainment.

The main components of the program are:

• tour to the factory (laboratory, manufacturing, etc.)
• a press conference for media with factory managers,
• workshop for professionals (with the participation of leading scholars on the topic, as well as practicing farmers)
• communication during fourchette and banquet,
• excursion to outstanding historical places of Evpatoria.

Experts of Publicity Creating consulted the client and supported the event - with a visit to the region. The Agency has undertaken not only developing the program (where the particular tour itineraries were provided, timing, interiors, press pack, etc.), but also inviting journalists to a press tour.

Managers of Publicity Creating prepared speakers, accompanied journalists in the way, prepared the necessary information to the media, provided the holding of a press conference, photo etc.


The event actively promoted the formation of the positive reputation of "Biona", it has become a place to forge new contacts with potential partners. The press tour was attended by 15 representatives of mass media - specialized and business, national and regional. As the result - series of publications in the media came out that helped to spread information about advanced biotechnology products of TM BIONA and benefits of cooperation with the manufacturer.

The agency is a PR-partner of the KNAUF Company in social media and Internet.
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