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News / trends / Trends of the business season 2019-2020 on the PR market
5 September 2019

What is relevant in the upcoming business season?

At the beginning of 2019, the leaders of the Publicity Creating PR agency gave their forecast on trends in the Ukrainian market of marketing communications. Which of these predictions come true, and which are not, and that is important in the new business season?

"Definitely forecast confirmed the relevance of the communication programs for B2B market as well as the importance of PR for start-ups", - said Valeriy Kureiko, Director of Publicity Creating.

The expert notes that many B2B companies, in search of effective promotion channels, tried digital and social media advertising (Google Adwords, Facebook ads, SEO, etc.), but did not achieve the desired result, and return to proven PR methods.

"In the B2B segment is important strong positive reputation of the company, and to build it is possible only with the help of complex PR-programs", - said Valeriy Kureiko.

One of the key trends, experts at Publicity Creating consider the growing interest of clients in developing strategies.

In a period of instability and constant changes, it may seem that only tactical planning is possible, but this is a profound mistake. At such times, the strategy is needed as never before! Which does not exclude the importance of competent tactical steps to implement it, depending on the current situation” says Ruslana Plis, Account Director of Publicity Creating.

The expert notes that the number of requests for the development of strategic documents is constantly growing.

The owners and managers of companies already have an understanding of the fact that you need to start promotion with a professionally developed strategy. Obviously, an effective and realistic strategy can only be developed by specialists with great versatile experience - that is why companies turn to specialized structures that have long been working in the market and have a solid portfolio and a positive reputation” - says Ruslana Plis.

Experts also note the relevance of PR campaigns in the media, as one of the main tools for informing target audiences.

The period of chaos in the media market associated with the closure of print media has already passed. Among the online media in different segments, leaders have been identified who continue to fulfill their characteristic function - and this is not only informing, but also forming a certain opinion. Therefore, PR specialists have channels for working with the audience, and the forms of presenting information have become even more diverse than before” says Valery Kureyko.

We talked to Valeriy Kureyko of Publicity Creating about Strategic Communication and PR. This is what he said about it.
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