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17 March 2020

Each client gets a customized solution.

Development and implementation of complex communication programs is the main service of Publicity Creating.

Our programs are aimed at target audiences - consumers, partners, clients and other audiences (government and public organizations, public at large, the mass media...); these programs, in its turn, enable us to convey the necessary information and shape audience attitude to a product, company or brand. Change of mind, in return, leads to change of conduct.

The distinctive features of Publicity Creating programs are a complex and integrated approach as well a thorough choice of tools.

Each client gets a customized solution.

The communication programs may include:

  • Various PR-events (conferences, workshops, round tables, presentations, corporate events and incentive tours etc)
  • Digital PR  (PR in social networks)
  • Internet PR (Internet Video, Internet-conferences, blogging, user comments  etc)
  • Media relations, different press-events (press-conferences, press-briefings, round tables with  media, press-lunches, press-tours etc)
  • PR-actions, PR-projects
  • PR-campaigns in the mass media
  • Other tools

Communication programs elaborated by Publicity Creating include but don’t limit to a systematic work, smart creativeness, efficient methods and schemes as well predictability of the results.

We necessarily establish linkage between communication and marketing result of a client.

Thus, Publicity Creating complex programs work "here and now” and, in the long run, help client to become more successful, sell more and in a much easier wa

We talked to Valeriy Kureyko of Publicity Creating about Strategic Communication and PR. This is what he said about it.
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