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News / trends / Effective PR for regional companies and brands
11 October 2019

Сompanies from many regions of Ukraine are our clients

In Ukraine regional companies are constantly increasing their PR activities, first of all, this applies to manufacturers in the B2B segment and brands in the B2C market. It is expected that this trend will intensify in the new business season. In this regard, Publicity Creating expands the range of services for regional brands. In addition to the main service - integrated annual programs for promoting regional brands, Publicity Creating specialists, based on the goals, objectives, specifics and budget of the customer, develop and implement medium-term PR projects (three months or six months), as well as individual events (for example, press events, press tours, partner conferences and other PR events in Kiev). Among the new services for regional customers are the launch of TM in the markets of neighboring regions or throughout Ukraine, PR-audit, training for staff.

The company already has extensive experience in promoting regional companies and brands: Publicity Creating clients are companies from many regions of Ukraine - from Truskavets to Zaporozhye, from Chernigov to Odessa.

Distance is not a problem for us, we have already proved our effectiveness in strategic and versatile support for many regional companies.

Today, all regional customers can receive quality service from the capital's PR agency, which professionally defends their interests both in Kiev and throughout Ukraine, and even abroad, ”says Valery Kureyko, general director of Publicity Creating.

We talked to Valeriy Kureyko of Publicity Creating about Strategic Communication and PR. This is what he said about it.
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