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12 December 2017
Good content: how it must look like and how to create it?

Your company has already a social media page, hurray! Let's say, it is slightly modeled and correctly named and section «Information» is full.  Here in front of majority of managers   appears «silly» question: «What to write here, particularly?»…

In one hand, what to write about is clearly enough. Naturally, about your precious company (products, brand, service).  Otherwise - why was this page created? :)

On the other hand, there is a «small» nuance: social media members not usually eager to read about companies, products, services and brands. And also they DO NOT LIKE, if something «is sold» to them.

Okay, as content manager says (PR-manager, marketing manager or just a «person, who is delivered to lead this, how are they called…Faybooks»). Last quote, by the way, is anecdotal evidenceJ

We will give people everything they want - write jokes, post shiny pictures, tell anecdotes and interesting stories, and even ready to make infographic on topic «how to control your personal success and time». Kittens? Well and good- if people like it- we will post kittens too!

However, such «outlaws» usually do not last long. After all transforming corporate page into entertaining «public» about everything that «people like» - is not the plan of your precious company. Sooner or later, somebody from the «top» will visit page and will ask intimate question «Where is the information ABOUT OUR ADVANTAGES?» And the answer will hang in the air, while a storm is gathering…

Above mentioned «extremes» have nothing in common with correctly developed content.  That is why practiced #PR agency or PR specialist always start working in the social medias from audience analysis and creation verbiage direction…

Here are some advices, how to systematically create fine verbiage:

1. See about, what topics are going to be interesting to the audience DUE TO Yours company field of work, Your product and service.  For example- if You sell wedding dresses, so it could be –«fashion», «relations», «celebrities weddings».  More  closer subject matter to Your activity, more  better.  The more (within a reasonable) related areas you will find – the more diverse verbiage is going to be. Hint- themes must be like that, information on which you could find a lot and easily in the Internet (including photos).

 2. Emphasize among this topics the most important, top-priority ones, and wise-versa –minor, secondary.

3. Define which sort of «marketing» information You are going to show. For example, it can be special offer, or a message about sale, features and product advantages… Or it could be - references to the product at the end of the post (binding to a more neutral topic). Everything depends on Your product/service and actual challenges.

4. Define balance between «marketing» and «informative and entertaining» information on the page. For example, 50:50, 60:40, and so on.

5. Estimate an amount of posts in day, in week. Thing out, in what time it is better to post and is there a need to engage weekends. Hint- if there are not enough posts- to vary verbiage will be difficult. Usually 3-5 posts in a week is considered to be a «sustaining mode» of page induction, and its development implies everyday posting on working days, about 2-3 post in a day.

6. Now we have to determine the amount of posts in a day or a week on every verbiage direction.

7. Fix it all in the table.

8. Make the plan diverge of posts a week ahead (confirm it with your manager, if it is implied by internal procedures of the company).

9. All You have to place Your post (likely, in Facebook or VK You can make it in advance), so as to entertain communication in comments and answers on the questions.

And one more advice - time to time «test» Your content on Your friends and someone You know. It is easy, you just have to make a Share (repost)  and analyze the Facebook, for example, friends’ reactions. And if even You do not want to repost corporate page content, and You are uncomfortable with showing this on you private page- you have two variants: either immediately correct your content or make it interesting, or write a resignation letter.

In conclusion, I want to add, on my experience, interesting and cognitive verbiage can be made on EVERY companies' page. Main –is a desire and competency. By the way, it is easier to increase audience of Your page for digital managers, if it has interesting and various content. But that's another storyJ

Rouslana Plis, PR-consultant.

The agency is a PR-partner of the KNAUF Company in social media and Internet.
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Good content: how it must look like and how to create it?