News / video / Publicity Creating organized celebration of 10 anniversary of “Leacond” company
11 March 2011


In March 2011, the company of strategic communications Publicity Creating organized and held commemorative events to the 10 anniversary of “Leacond” company.

In March 2011, the company of strategic communications Publicity Creating organized and held commemorative events to the 10 anniversary of “Leacond”, a leading conditioners market operator in Ukraine - dealer conference and the anniversary reception. Events that took place in suburban complexes “Kozatskyi Stan”, solved a series of significant reputation, image and marketing tasks of the client.

The main objective was to support the company’s relationships with partners in the marketing chain. The event was attended by top managers and managers of “Leacond”, delegate of DAIKIN Europe N.V., and over one hundred representatives of “Leacond” company dealers from all over Ukraine.

The delegate of DAIKIN Europe N.V. confirmed the significant marketing achievements of “Leacond” in the market and pointed on the benefits of cooperation with Ukrainian partner.

The best dealers of “Leacond” company within the program «Gold Dealer» (that was suggested by Publicity Creating and successfully implemented for several years) were awarded with prizes, which strengthened further loyalty of the partners and became the motivation for improving economic performance of cooperation. 

Such marketing conferences are a good reason of defining development directions for the next years. Not accidentally, the key message of speeches at the conference was “The “Leacond” company entered the second decade, the new stage of development”.

During the event, with direct participation of the agency, a series of video interviews with company management, employees and partners were held, a group photo was taken. Video and photos, that are going to be spread over the Internet, would inform a wider audience about the event, convey messages and the holiday atmosphere to the audience.

Following the conference, an informal part of the holiday was held. Live music, inflammatory songs and dances, exciting competitions, anniversary lottery and a huge anniversary cake – that’s all made the evening fun and memorable. The holiday causers heard many kind words, wishes and greetings. A grate fireworks display became the bright end of the event. 

Such «2in1» combination (official part - Dealer Conference, informal part - fourchette with entertainments) is optimal for reaching the reputation and marketing goals.

As Valeriy Kureiko, the CEO of Publicity Creating, mentioned: “The “Leacond” company is one of our continuous customers. We work with it for all ten years. The carefully planned program and the teamwork of our agency at the event made the anniversary holiday bright, memorable and comfortable for the client”.




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