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News / trends / Trends of the autumn business season 2018 in the field of PR communications
17 October 2018

Publicity Creating specialists gave an interview to the project “Velvet Wars”

On the eve of the autumn business season, Publicity Creating experts gave an interview to the Velvet Wars project on the trends in the Ukrainian marketing and PR communications market.


At the beginning of 2018 you have voiced a number of trends in the market PR. Which of them are confirmed at the moment?

Ruslana Plis, Account Director Publicity Creating, PR Consultant:

As we predicted, PR-coverage of events became one of the most demanded services this year, and this trend intensified even more in the autumn, due to the intensification of business activities. Those companies that involve PR agencies in such projects receive much better coverage, and this applies to all aspects of the work - texts, videos, audience coverage, level of presentation of information, etc.

Another trend that has met expectations is PR for Start-Ups: there have been quite a few such appeals throughout the year.

As for crisis communications, this direction was quite active - companies continue to face negative reviews and publications, which are usually caused by two reasons: the first is informational attacks of competitors and the second is the lack of reliable information on the market, which causes rumors, misunderstanding and erroneous interpretations. It must be said that for the solution of such problems, many companies are still quite simplistic: for example, only by publishing 1-2 positive materials on the Internet. At the same time, the problem is often deeper, and a comprehensive and longer-term PR campaign is needed to solve it.

Services such as developing a PR strategy and an Information Model turned out to be even more in demand than we expected: there were quite a few requests from large Ukrainian companies. I am very pleased that the owners and managers have an understanding of the importance of informational meanings that are broadcast to the public, as well as the need to link all messages into a single, coherent and thoughtful system.

I would like to note that in the B2B sector, some managers consider it possible to entrust the development of a strategy to internal specialists - most often, this is a serious mistake. Without having sufficient experience, the employee cannot perform this work at a high level. Moreover, being inside the structure, the internal specialist will not be objective in assessing the company's strengths and weaknesses in the field of marketing communications. Цhen planning activities, it will focus on its own, often not so large resources and opportunities, which will not allow us to offer a larger program, especially going beyond a specific market segment. When planning activities, it will focus on its own, often, not so large resources and opportunities, which will not allow us to offer a larger program, especially going beyond a specific market segment. It is much more effective to involve specialists in outsourcing, and an internal employee will be very helpful in preparing preliminary information and explaining the marketing component for a future strategy.


What new trends emerged with the onset of the new autumn business season?

Valery Kureiko, Director of Publicity Creating:
In recent years, the number of appeals related to participation in exhibitions has increased: PR programs on coverage of participation, personnel training, trainings, seminars, and special projects within exhibitions. This proves once again that even traditional forms can be improved and deepened, including through the use of a complex of PR tools.

Also, the number of requests from potential clients regarding the solution of PR problems in certain regions has increased - we usually talk about relations with local residents and communities. Often, companies either do not notice such problems or try to solve them on their own. But a crisis is a crisis, and it must be solved professionally, regardless of where the events take place - in a village, district or regional center. Consulting plays a huge role in such projects, and employees and other people loyal to the company can take on the direct implementation of the proposed program at the local level (but first they have to undergo training or at least a briefing).

Another tendency that appeared at the beginning of autumn is that there is still a growing interest in informal opinion leaders - for example, bloggers, active Facebook users, etc. A new aspect is that bloggers have been considered from a more practical point of view, embedding activities in this area in the flow communication program of a product or brand. That is, cooperation with bloggers is moving from the category of “interestingness” to the plane of a common PR tool, the use of which should be justified by its effectiveness.

By budgets, I can note an increase in the amount from several tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of hryvnas for one-time actions and programs. When developing a program for 6-12 months, you can confidently talk about the amount in the range of 1-2 million hryvnia. There are already requests for programs from one to three years. The PR services market is gradually recovering, PR occupies a permanent place in the company's marketing mix. There are more individual PR managers in companies. At the same time, the number of PR directors or public relations deputies with the right to make decisions at a management level, unfortunately, is very small.

In general, the development of the PR market goes in a sinusoid: with rises during the business season and a decrease during the holidays, but in general, this sinusoid goes upwards. There are more companies that turn to PR agencies and are ready to work with them to solve their reputational and marketing tasks - including in the long term.

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