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News / trends / PR for the B2B market: what are the features
4 March 2019

Companies in the B2B sector find a PR partner who understands their needs is still difficult. But it’s possible!

The B2B market (business-to-business) has a number of features. These are companies, that work with partners and don’t go to end-users, and their target audience is rather limited. In addition, B2B companies, as a rule, offer sophisticated, technological and usually expensive goods or services, and do not have large budgets for promotion. From what has been said it’s clear that standard methods of PR promotion for B2B companies are not suitable. That is why it’s rather difficult for such companies to find a partner in the field of PR, who understands their needs, and moreover, had experience working with the B2B sector. After all, large-scale campaigns or bright events in this area are usually not expected. Also, the object of promotion is so complex and specific that even such simple actions as writing a release or an article can cause difficulties.

And yet, the experience of Publicity Creating proves: an effective PR for the B2B segment exists! For almost 20 years, we have worked with many B2B companies, in such industries as air conditioning and ventilation, industrial equipment, hydraulics, plumbing, heating, construction materials, agrarian, agriculture and many others.

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