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3 September 2018

The peculiarity of seminars from Publicity Creating is their practical orientation

We have prepared the most relevant topics in the field of marketing communications, which will help you understand the various aspects of PR promotion and make PR activities much more effective. The peculiarity of seminars from Publicity Creating is their practical orientation: our coaches with many years of experience, therefore all examples and tasks are taken from real life.

Open trainings are held as groups are formed (the number of participants is up to 20 people). Participation is paid, registration and prepayment are required.

Closed (corporate) training seminars, workshops and master classes are held on request, the date is agreed upon separately (the minimum number of participants is 5 people). The program can be adjusted, depending on the wishes and tasks.



A lot of companies have already launched their pages in social networks, but far from everyone still knows how to conduct and develop them. What is more important - content or design? What content should be and how to create it? What tasks does the page perform in social networks and how does it relate to marketing? How to respond to user feedback correctly? These and other questions will be answered by our new workshop:

Company pages in social networks: efficient management without extra costs

• Why do companies and brands need pages in social networks, what function do they perform?

• Page design: basic rules

• How often You must write posts and why?

• What to write about? Create interesting and relevant content

• How to write "involving" posts

• Do you need contests on the page and in which cases?

• The main mechanics of competitions for users

• Rules for page moderation

• User feedback: what to do with negative reviews

• Development of the page - the main directions






How to work with the media in modern conditions? How to build the work most effectively, and at the same time do not spend a lot of time in communication with the media? Did the press "die" and that "was born" instead of it? Where are the contacts of journalists "hiding"? Do you need press events and how to organize them? These and many other questions will be answered by our new training:

Media relations today: on business and without illusions

• Why is it necessary to keep in touch with the media? How to do it without much effort and expense?

• What should the media base be and why is it needed?

• What information does it make sense to send out in the media?

• Do you need press events, and in what cases?

• What is the format of the press event and why?

• How to make journalists come to your press event?

• What speakers are considered prepared for participation in the event with the media?

• What is more important - the appearance of journalists or post-publication?

• How correctly to respond to journalists' requests?

• How to ensure an information loop after the event?



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