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29 Juny 2018
Over the past 20 years, many clients have provided recommendations for the agency


Anton Vasilevsky, Marketing Director of "Diesa" Ltd. (ELDORADO):
"In the course of cooperation was held informational PR-support of the joint project to promote co-brand card was held. In particular, prepared articles and releases, organized a joint press conference companies ELDORADO, Alfa Bank and VISA, as the results of which received more than 110 publications in the media, including television, print media, information agencies. The event was covered in social media and blogs, which allowed to convey information about new product to more than 6900 people. Work that was done contributed to the wide dissemination of information, carried out promptly and efficiently".

Sergiy Borodkin, Head of Department at “Teva” (Representative in Ukraine)
“During the collaboration 6 round tables ware conducted throughout Ukraine... Transfer of charitable aid to orphanages was organized... The work contributed to the formation of the company’s image as socially responsible, helped to draw public attention to important social issues”


Andriy Bezhubenko, President of “E-Consulting” Company
“The work, which was done, strengthed the positive image of the company at IT-market, creating the image of the leader of development and implementation of CRM-systems...”

Sergei Lifintsev, vise-rector of the Kiev Advertising Institute.
“During cooperation the PR-campaign of promotion “Advertising Institute” among the applicants and the advertising industry professionals was held. The work contributed to the spreading of positive information about the university in a significant period (during applying campaign for higher education degree)”.


Igor Gasaenko, CEO of the company “Rubin” (TM ColorWay).
“The main results of our cooperation are the high level of TM ColorWay fame, loyal partners and customers, target and intensive information activities of Ltd. “Rubin”. Especially we want to point on the importance of developing strategic documents and consulting”.

Irina Bukur, founder of TM IREN BUKUR.
“Implemented projects helped to widespread positive information about TM IREN BUKUR, as about “alive”, natural cosmetics of premium class, create a positive image of products, as well as the positive reputation of the manufacturer in the eyes of its partners. In particular, a series of video materials on the Internet, articles on solving common problems related to hair, skin, hands, etc. The celebration dedicated to the first anniversary of TM IREN BUKUR was organized and successfully held as a festive evening for our customers”.


Vitaly Skotsyk, CEO, “AMACO”:
“During our partnership, Publicity Creating proved to be a professional and reliable partner aimed to solve the tasks set and loyal to the client. It was implemented a comprehensive program to explain the nature and role of agribusiness in the economy of Ukraine, as well as the reputation of the brand of AMACO at business environment”.

Gennadiy Kuno, Director of “KAN” (Representative in Ukraine):
“The work was carried rapidly and efficiently and reports were provided on time. Overall, the Publicity Creating showed itself as reliable and responsible partner”.

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