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11 July 2018

Publicity Creating analytics and monitoring department is involved into customer service

Publicity Creating conducts the following types of researches:

• monitoring of the information space

• content-analysis of the publications

• analytics

• surveys/polls

• PR audit (audit of the PR activities)

• some forms of “mystery shopping” and guerilla marketing.


 The results of the researches allow to:

  • study the situation (all types of the mentioned researches are appropriate before the strategy and communication program development)
  • evaluate the results of the PR campaign (it’s appropriate at end of the PR campaign (or its stages) in order to estimate the effectiveness of the work)
  • track the current situation (monitor negative information in the Internet, monitor competitors and determine the dynamics of publications with references to a brand)
  • introduce necessary adjustments to the communication program, information activity (analytics, content analysis)
  • better understand your target audience, their attitudes to your company, brand, their level of brand awareness compared to your competitors (surveys, media ratings)
  • reveal strong and weak sides of a company’s PR-activity in order to brisk up the work, improve methods and enhance effectiveness (PR-audit)
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