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23 October 2018

Caring for bees is becoming a good tradition all over the world.

The PR company Pulicity Creating has joined the international initiative to protect and increase the number of honey bees and pollinating insects.

After creating their own mini-apiary at the suburban office (total number of 9 bee colonies), at the meeting of the agency’s staff, it was unanimously decided to support an international initiative to increase the number of honey bees and pollinating insects.

As part of this social project, activities will be conducted on the Internet and social networks to disseminate information (releases, articles, posts) about the state of the beekeeping industry in Ukraine, as well as international experience in protecting and increasing the number of beneficial pollinating insects - honey bees. It is also planned to establish cooperation with beekeeping associations - Ukrainian and international.

The agency's employees are already involved in the topic of beekeeping - they have the opportunity to watch the bees and learn more about the life of the bee family, they are also studying the healing properties of honey and other beekeeping products, and learn about the features of various honey plants.

“Taking care of bees is becoming a good tradition all over the world. For example, in Europe, bees are treated very carefully. If a swarm has settled somewhere - they call specialists who carefully remove it and transfer it to beekeepers. Bee swarms are never destroyed by humans, as it unfortunately is still happening in Ukraine. In addition, in Europe prohibit harmful herbicides and pesticides, in order to avoid the mass death of bees, and the perpetrators are punished by law. In Europe, it is fashionable to keep small apiaries - even from one hive.

Some cities are already implementing programs for planting honey plants, including those from ordinary weeds, so that bees and other beneficial insects have the opportunity to collect pollen and nectar. In Ukraine, the sowing of honey plants is reduced - for example, buckwheat is sowing less and less, and because of the use of herbicides, another honey plant has disappeared from the wheat fields - cornflower. In other words, the problem of bee conservation is complex. But each of us can contribute to its decision - we need to be more informed and change our attitude towards bees, ”says Valery Kureiko, director of the PR agency Publicity Creating.

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