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25 March 2020

Large companies are aimed at maintaining the image, and medium-sized companies are aimed at developing

What is the difference between the concepts that often sound in relation to PR activities and the services of PR agencies: “promotion” and “accompaniment”?

Promotion is an active process that has a specific goal and a period for achieving it. Accompaniment is usually a supporting, serving function.

As a result of successful promotion, something new is created, reality is changing. High-quality support is also important - it allows you to maintain the status quo, but such a service, in fact, does not create anything, but simply accompanies a certain activity or process. Unfortunately, there are not enough PR agencies and PR specialists who are engaged in promotion, but not support, in our market, ”said Valery Kureyko, Director of Publicity Creating, at a press conference in Kiev in February.

Answering the journalist’s question, for which companies promotion is most needed, and for which support is needed, Valery Kureyko said: “International companies come to Ukraine with an already developed strategy, driven from the outside. The local agency is required (and not always) to adapt the global strategy and perform certain functions and steps. Usually agencies that spend most of their activity doing just this kind of work are process-oriented, and then it’s very difficult for them to offer something to a new client, promote him and achieve concrete results.”

At the same time, the expert believes that medium-sized companies - usually Ukrainian, but sometimes with foreign roots or investors - are more adaptive to Ukrainian conditions, they listen more,and are more flexible in their promotion and creativity. With them, you can develop and implement interesting PR programs and get a real reputation and marketing result.

In general, large companies are more focused on maintaining their image, while medium-sized companies are more focused on developing and entering some new horizons of their activity.

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