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18 August 2021


New trending service from Publicity Creating - Information Marketing


Communication is a key process in any PR program. The classic approach is that the target audience within a certain period of time receives certain information about the object of promotion (company, product, service, technology, idea, etc.). The information received should interest the target audience, be perceived by it, and, ultimately, form (or change) its opinion. And the opinion, in turn, should change the behavior of the target audience.

Since we are talking about commercial PR, in fact, it all comes down to the marketing result. That is, for example, they did not buy before - now they started buying, or - previously they bought little - now they buy more.


In practice, there is a close relationship between information, opinion and behavior, and the key messages are the lever of this chain. It is from the information that is broadcasted that the effectiveness and the final result depend. This is why Publicity Creating has always placed great emphasis on creating key messages.


"To achieve a result, key messages must be simple and convincing, and most importantly - directly related to the goals of promotion," says Ruslana Plis, Account Director and PR consultant at Publicity Creating.

Information marketing implies a well-developed chain of key messages, which, by broadcasting to the target audience through relevant and effective communication channels, will form the desired opinion in the optimal time frame, and thus, will affect the behavior of the target audience, which will improve the marketing result for the client.

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