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30 July 2021

As part of the eco-program adopted by Publicity Creating, the apiary was expanded and more than 100 trees and bushes were planted.

In the modern world, human activity has become a serious threat to the environment, and each of us needs to fight this problem at our own level. Publicity Creating has adopted a corporate eco-program more than 5 years ago.


It all started with a long-standing passion of the head of the company for beekeeping. Long ago, he shared information about the programs for the protection of insect pollinators adopted in the world - both at the level of governments and large corporations, and this topic turned out to be close to many of our employees. As a result, it was decided to organize a mini-apiary on the basis of the Publicity Creating country office in order to learn more about the life of bees and contribute to their protection and breeding.


Today apiary expanded by almost 3 times, in addition, in the surrounding area are planted honey plants. Also, over the past 3 years, employees have planted more than 100 trees and bushes here. A number of seminars, master classes and honey tastings were held, employees, partners and colleagues learned a lot about the life of bees and the important role they play in preserving the natural diversity of the planet, as well as the enormous benefits that honey and others beekeeping products bring to people.


Thus, our company is trying to make its modest contribution to environmental protection, and most importantly - the formation of the eco-consciousness of urban residents, especially the younger generation.

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