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News / contracts / Publicity Creating will develop a PR strategy for Leacond (18 years of cooperation)
29 March 2019

The program is developed for 3 years.

Publicity Creating will develop a comprehensive communication PR program to promote the climatic equipment for the Leacond Company (TM Daikin).

The program, designed for 3 years, includes the development of a strategy and information model, which will be adjusted annually (based on market monitoring and studying the opinion of target audiences).

In addition, a PR campaign will be developed annually (business and specialized press and the Internet), and work with the media will be conducted on an ongoing basis (preparation and distribution of press releases, organization of press events).

In parallel with the promotion of the company's brand, the «first-person» PR program will be implemented. Provides ongoing consulting management on strategic communications.

In general, Publicity Creating has been cooperating with the Leacond company for over 18 years. During this time, Leacond has become not only the largest distributor of TM Daikin in Ukraine, but also a recognized expert, opinion leader among players in the climatic equipment market.

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